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Ctoria Wiki is the official encyclopædia and website about Ctoria, a group small unrecognised nations. The wiki is being continually improved and updated as the community changes constantly with content being moderated by a small group of staff.

In the NewsEdit

  • Austenasia: Lord Marshal William, 2nd Baron of Zephyria, has been appointed Acting Prime Minister of the Empire of Austenasia until 14:45 on 22 June 2011, so that Crown Prince Jonathan, incumbent Prime Minister, will have less government duties to focus on as he begins a crucial stage of his GCSE examinations.
  • Austenasia: HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has announced that Project Imperium, the attempt to have the Emperor of Austenasia recognised as holding full Imperial rank in the medieval European tradition, has been achieved. HIM Emperor Sebastian I, who the Austenasian Government recognises as being legitimate claimant to the title of German Emperor due to several legal loopholes (Parliament is expected to soon recognise him as legitimate monarch of Germany) has issued a decree confirming that Declan I, II & V and Esmond III have the right to the title of Emperor, and affirming that the title Emperor of Austenasia holds the same rank as Augustus.
  • Union of Ctorian Royal Kingdoms: Ctoria is a official member of the MCS!
  • Austenasia: As Emperor Day (the public holiday celebrating the birthday of the Monarch) takes place in Austenasia, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has returned from his meeting this afternoon with local British Member of Parliament, Tom Brake MP, to discuss the Empire's claim to independence. Tom Brake MP has told the Crown Prince that he will contact the British Ministry of Justice to enquire about the legality of Austenasia's declaration of independence under the principle of natioional self-determination.
  • Austenasia: A meeting for 20th May has been arranged between Tom Brake, British MP for Carshalton and Wallington, and an Austenasian delegation amongst whom will be HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, to discuss Austenasia's declaration of independence.
  • Union of Ctorian Royal Kingdoms: Declan I, II & V has assumed the title Kaiser of Ctoria via ongoing negotiations about installing the former King of Etarnia as joint monarch of Etarnia's successor state, Ctoria.

This Month In HistoryEdit

  • Unknown - Barry I leads the northern part of the Kingdom of South Bank in rebellion against King Declan I but is defeated (2002).
  • 3rd - Princess Caroline of Austenasia sends a message to the remaining Carolinian nations asking them to withdraw their support now that she had lost the Austenasian Civil War (2010).
  • 29th - Sir Calum first expresses an interest to the then Western Emperor in founding a nation - this will later become Orly (2010).
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